South Central Colfax County Special Hospital District Board

Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Monday July 26, 2021

Cimarron Healthcare Clinic Conference Room

31039 E HWY 64, Cimarron, NM 87714

6:30 pm

Public may attend via zoom

To Dial In: 1-346-248-7799 US (Houston)

Meeting ID: 820 5221 5696
Passcode: 551784

  1. Call Meeting to order – 6:30 p.m.
  2. Roll Call (Quorum consists of three (3) voting members)
  3. *Approval of Agenda
  4. *Review/Discuss/Approve Meeting minutes
    1. *June 28, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
  5. Public Comments (Limited to 3 minutes per person)
  6. Board Reports
    1. Chairman/Vice Chair Report
    2. Board Docket
  7. *Review/Discuss/Approve Administrator Report
    1. Colfax General Long-Term Care Report
    2. Colfax Laboratory Report
    3. Cimarron Healthcare Clinic Report
    4. Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic
  8. *Review/Discuss/Approve June 2021 Compliance Reports
    1. Nursing
    2. Personnel/Staffing
    3. Trainings
    4. Grievances
  9. Lobbyist Update
  10. Capital Outlay Project Updates
    1. Cimarron Clinic & Ambulance Facility
      1. Bi-weekly progress
      2. Notice of Obligation & Payment Statuses
    2. Colfax General LTC & Lab
      1. Notice of Obligation & Payment Statuses
    3. *Update/Review/Discuss/Approve Policy & Procedures
      1. Resident Smoking
      2. Daycare Policy
    4. Financial review
      1. *Review/Discuss/Approve May 2021 Financials
      2. *Review/Discuss/Approve June 2021 Expenditures
      3. *Review/Discuss/Approve June 2021 Financials
      4. *Review/Discuss/Approve 4th Quarter Report Submission to DFA – Resolution #2072
      5. *Review/Discuss/Approve FY2021 Budget Adjustment Resolution #2073
      6. *Review/Discuss/Approve 2021-2022 Final Budget – Resolution #2074
    5. Old Business
      1. Cimarron Clinic and Ambulance Facility Grand Opening
      2. *Review/Discuss/Approve 2023-2027 ICIP Submission – Resolution #2075
    6. New business
      1. *Review/Discuss/Approve Rate Increase per letter from the State
    7. Department Goals Update
    8. Board Goals Update
    9. Board Concerns
    10. Set Day & Time of Next Meeting – August 23, 2021
    11. *Adjournment

Agenda may be found at our website or at any of our facility locations:

Colfax General LTC

Colfax General Laboratory

Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic

Cimarron Healthcare Clinic

During this meeting, SCCCSHD Board may convene into Executive Session allowed by Section 10 15-1, NMSA 1978   *ACTION ITEMS

About the SCCCSHD

In 1986, the South Central Colfax County Special Hospital District ( SCCCSHD) was formed to bring health care providers and health care services to rural communities of Colfax County. At that time there was a small general hospital in Springer and no medical providers in either Cimarron or Angel Fire. Over the years, we have converted the hospital to a 33 bed Nursing Facility, opened the Cimarron Healthcare Clinic with one physician and one Physician Assistant, and opened the Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic with one Family Physician and two Family Nurse Practitioners. We are also operating a full service Laboratory that covers the entire county. The hospital district area of operations is based upon the school district boundaries for Maxwell, Springer and Cimarron School Districts. We cover almost 3,100 square miles with a service population of 6,000. This is considered Frontier Medicine when you compare this area on a national basis. The nearest General Acute Hospital is in Raton, Miner’s Colfax Medical Center which is 35 miles from Springer and 60 miles from Cimarron. Holy Cross Hospital in Taos is the closest hospital for the Moreno Valley and it is over 30 miles away through mountain canyons.

SCCCSHD is governed by a 5 member board that is elected by popular vote to represent each of the school districts. These board members are elected by their constituents and they must also be consumers of the hospital district’s services. During their 5 year terms, they oversee operations of all aspects of the district. At this time, SCCCSHD has a management contract with Taos Professional Services a division of Holy Cross Hospital to provide Accounting, Information Services and Human Resources oversight.

Funding for the district come from a 4.25 Mill Levy tax on properties within the district’s boundaries. . This Mill Levy is voted on by the district’s service population every 4 years.

Our sevices include:

  • General Long Term Care
    This facility is focused on meeting the needs of senior citizens in every possible way: from highly trained nurses, friendly staff and a friendly environment, this center is a great place for seniors.
  • Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic
    Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic is dedicated to helping the citizens of Colfax County with their health and general wellbeing.
  • Colfax Laboratory Services
    Colfax laboratory is devoted to helping the people of Colfax county get reliable testing anywhere from food/water testing, to pH levels testing.
  • Cimarron Healthcare Clinic
    The Cimarron Healthcare clinic helps the people of Cimarron get great care from great staff and great services.