South Central Colfax County Special Hospital District

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In 1986, the South Central Colfax County Special Hospital District ( SCCCSHD) was formed to bring health care providers and services to rural communities of Colfax County.   At that time there was a small general hospital in Springer and no medical providers in either Cimarron or Angel Fire.   Over the years, we have converted the hospital to a 33 bed Nursing Facility, opened the Cimarron Healthcare Clinic with one physician and one Physician Assistant, and opened the Moreno Valley Healthcare Clinic with one Family Physician and two Family Nurse Practitioners.  We are also operating a full service Laboratory that covers the entire county.

The hospital district area of operations is based upon the school district boundaries for Maxwell, Springer and Cimarron School Districts.   We cover almost 3,100 square miles with a service population of 6,000.  This is considered Frontier Medicine when you compare this area on a national basis.  The nearest General Acute Hospital is in Raton, Miner’s Colfax Medical Center which is 35 miles from Springer and 60 miles from Cimarron. Holy Cross Hospital in Taos is the closest hospital for the Moreno Valley and it is over 30 miles away through mountain canyons.

SCCCSHD is governed by a 5 member board that is elected by popular vote to represent each of the school districts.   These board members are not only elected by their constituents, they must also be consumers of the hospital district’s services.  During their 5 year terms, they oversee operations of all aspects of the district.

At this time, SCCCSHD  has a management contract with Taos Professional Services a division of Holy Cross Hospital to provide Accounting, Information Services and Human Resources oversight.

Funding for the district come from a 4.25 Mill Levy tax on properties with the district’s boundaries.  Given the population of the district and the size of the service area this is a Medically Underserved Area this funding is necessary to keep the district functioning.  This Mill Levy is voted on by the district’s service population every 4 years.